2023 Fashion Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver Stunning VVS Moissanite Diamond Halo Earrings Stud


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S925 Moissanite Stud Earrings
925 Sterling Silver
D Color VVS Moissanite Diamond
Silver/Gold/Rose Gold
5 times plating with e-coating
*Back Type
Screw Back
Top quality, Lead, Nickel and Cadmium free.
All products will be checked twice by QC before packed and shipment
Our Advantage:

1.High quality, low price and fast shipping.

2.Can accept small order,and big quantity can give some discount.


1.The color may be slightly different from the picture because of the photo.

2.Estimated shipping time: 5-18 days(If you want to choose expedited delivery,please contact us).

3.Min. order pieces: 2 pieces.

4.For wholesale mixed orders of 50 or more items, please contact us and we will give some discounts.

5.If you have any questions such as product description, return policy and shipping instructions, please contact us.


5.5mm 0.6ct*2-Gold, 6.5mm 1ct*2-Gold, 5.5mm 0.6ct*2-Silver, 9mm 3ct*2-Silver, 3mm 0.1ct*2-Silver, 8mm 2ct*2-Silver, 6.5mm 1ct*2-Silver, 6mm 0.8ct*2-Gold, 5mm 0.5ct*2-Silver, 7.5mm 1.5ct*2-Silver, 6mm 0.8ct*2-Silver, 4mm 0.3ct*2-Gold, 9mm 3ct*2-Gold, 7.5mm 1.5ct*2-Gold, 7mm 1.2ct*2-Silver, 5mm 0.5ct*2-Gold, 10mm 4ct*2-Gold, 4.5mm 0.4ct*2-Silver, 8mm 2ct*2-Gold, 3mm 0.1ct*2-Gold, 4mm 0.3ct*2-Silver, 7mm 1.2ct*2-Gold, 10mm 4ct*2-Silver, 4.5mm 0.4ct*2-Gold

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